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So the best thing to do is to shop around the different sites and see where you can get the most money for your Bitcoins when you want to sell, ensuring you that you will not be making any bad deals. Always remember that if you will be selling to people you don't personally know outside of a Bitcoin exchange site, that chargebacks and similar things may occur. So always try and sell your Bitcoins the most safe way to make sure that you will always receive your cash.

Sell Bitcoins Through Bitcoin Exchanges

Selling your Bitcoins through a Bitcoin exchange site is very simple and painless. All you have to do is to create a selling order where you specify the amount of Bitcoins you wish to sell and the selling price you wish to get for them. Once the order has been submitted in the system, the Bitcoin exchange site will automatically put your order on the market and find a buyer for you.

Once the buyer has been found, he will receive your Bitcoins and you will receive the cash you asked for the Bitcoins to your account. Once the order has been processed the money will be in your Bitcoin wallet account within a couple of minutes and from there you simply have to submit a cash out request to the Bitcoin wallet site to get it on your bank or similar.

Sell Through LocalBitcoins

Another option for you is to sell your Bitcoins through LocalBitcoins. In LocalBitcoins you can place your selling order where you submit information about how many you want to sell, what the price is and if you prefer cash payment or payment on an online wallet. Once the order has been processed you will simply have to wait for a potential buyer to contact you and talk details about the transfer with him.

Only thing you have to be aware off when you sell Bitcoins through LocalBitcoins is that if you receive online payments there is a chance of chargebacks if the user you do the transfer with have not made many successful trades in the past and/or have a good user rating. So always make sure to check for this when you find a potential buyer, to avoid being scammed out of your money.

Sell To Friends

The last option is to sell your Bitcoins to your friends. The process is again very simple as you simply have to find someone who wants to buy your Bitcoins at the price you want to sell them, get his unique Bitcoin wallet address, send the Bitcoins and receive cash from your friends.

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