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Below is a complete description of how to obtain Bitcoins the different ways that are possible, but should you have any further questions regarding buying Bitcoins, then feel free to contact us at any time so we can guide you personally.

Open a Bitcoin Wallet

The very first step to take in order to be able to obtain and keep Bitcoins is to open up a Bitcoin wallet, where you will receive a unique address from where you can buy, transfer and sell Bitcoins from. The sites vary in the price for Bitcoins, but it is not a large difference in general. We still recommend that you check out the buying and selling rates for Bitcoins before signing up, so you always take the place with the best value. 

The easiest Bitcoin wallet to open is with one of the large Bitcoin Exchange sites that is in operation, who are all secure and safe places to hold your Bitcoins as well as an easy to place to buy and sell them. We recommend that you open up an account with one of the following Bitcoin exchanges:




Registration is rather simple, as you simply just have to fill out the required fields and make sure you choose a unique and preferably advanced password and you are ready to go to the next step.

Upload Funds to Wallet

In order to be able to purchase any Bitcoins, you will need to fund your Bitcoin wallet with real money, which you will exchange for Bitcoins. Uploading funds is quite simple as you simply choose the method you prefer to pay with, choose the amount to upload and then start the process. Depending on the method you have chosen, it will take from a couple of minutes and up to 5 days before your money will be in your Bitcoin wallet account. 

Another good reason to choose a large and trusted Bitcoin Wallet is that you don't want to trust your credit card or bank information with a small site you cannot trust, where you will be worrying about them misusing your information. The large Bitcoin wallet sites all use encryption and SSL certificates when you do your transactions, to make everything as secure as possible.

Buy Bitcoins Through Bitcoin Exchanges

The most simple and secure way of buying Bitcoins is through one of the large Bitcoin exchange sites. The process of purchasing Bitcoins is rather simple, as you just put an order for the amount of Bitcoins you want, the purchasing price you wish to get them at and then you submit the order. As soon as someone sees your order and are willing to sell their Bitcoins at the price you put, they will sell it and within a few minutes of them accepting the order, you will receive the Bitcoins in your account. 

From there you can use the Bitcoins to deposit on gambling sites, hold them as an investment or use them in one of the more than 20,000 merchants that currently accept Bitcoin payments. All you have to do when you need to use your Bitcoins is to go to your account, choose to send money to their unique Bitcoin wallet address and the money will be on its way.

Transactions with Bitcoins takes from 10-50 minutes depending on the amount of transactions there currently is on the Bitcoin network, which makes the Bitcoin one of the fastest ways of paying online. The fee that the Bitcoin exchange site charges for each transaction is 0.20% which is very low for any payment method and equals a very small amount of $ in general when you use the Bitcoins a lot. 


A new and popular way of obtaining Bitcoins is through LocalBitcoins, which is an online site where users can buy and sell Bitcoins online or meet up in person and exchange cash for Bitcoins. The site has a user rating system, where you can check how many transactions each user has made and the rating they received from other users for how well the transactions went.

While this is not as safe as doing it through a Bitcoin exchange site, it is still relatively safe if you only trade with people who has done multiple trades and have a good score. The possibility to meet up with the person and exchange cash for Bitcoins instead of having to deposit money online and pay that way through is quite clever and provides you with a completely anonymous way of obtaining Bitcoins. 

Buy From Friends

 If you have friends with Bitcoins who are willing to sell them to you, that is also a good option to choose when you want to buy Bitcoins. All you have to do is to agree on a price with your friends, pay them the way you want to and give them your unique Bitcoin wallet address. Again you will receive the Bitcoins on your wallet within 10-50 minutes after they have send them to you, making it a painless way of obtaining the popular cryptocurrency.

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