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If the two articles above have peaked your interest so much that you want to acquire some Bitcoins for yourself, do yourself the favor and read our How to Buy Bitcoin article, where we guide you step by step in the process of purchasing Bitcoins for yourself. Should you already have some Bitcoins that you wish to sell, but don't know how to do so then we have also made an article for that. The How to Sell Bitcoins article guides you step by step about how to sell Bitcoins the best and safest way, to avoid losing your coins without getting paid. The most common question that we have been asked by new people interested in Bitcoins is if they are safe, as they don't want to invest in something that can get stolen easily. We have made the Are Bitcoins Safe article to help you get an answer to this question and the article is full of good advice on how to avoid having Bitcoins stolen. We hope you will enjoy our articles and will rate them accordingly, so other users can see what they should read. Furthermore we always welcome critic and suggestions, so if you have any then feel free to contact us with your inquiry.

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