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The four different wallet types are:

·Web Wallets

·Software Wallets

·Mobile Wallets

·Hardware Wallets

The hardware wallets are by far the most secure as they will not be exposing your private keys to the main network, while software wallets are the second most secure as you will have more control and constructs a local copy of the blockchain daily. 

The most commonly used wallet is the web wallet, where you can access your account from everywhere in the world instantly and buy, sell or transfer Bitcoins. While this may not be the most secure way of holding Bitcoins, it is not unsafe at all. Simply make sure to use a unique and difficult password and never login to your account on computers you are not completely sure are safe and you will be good. 

There are so many different web wallets to choose from now for Bitcoins, that it can be hard to know which one is better than the others. We have chosen the ones we believe are the best and most reliable ones, saving you the hassle of having to check out the many different sites:



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