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Don't Brag About Your Bitcoins

This is the first thing you should always avoid - Never brag to people about holding Bitcoins or the amount of Bitcoins you are holding, as the information might travel to some people that are interested in an easy prey. Instead, keep the information to yourself and make sure that nobody except you knows where you are holding your coins and how much you are holding exactly, to avoid any potential malware or hacking attempts being done on your computer. We also believe that it is never another person's business where you hold your Bitcoins and how much you have in the wallet, so the less the information you provide to people, the safer you will be with Bitcoins.

Don't Tell Strangers About Your Wallet Address

While your wallet address cannot be used to hack your account or anything like that, it is never a good idea to share your wallet address with unknown persons as they might be able to get some sort of information about your account some way. Instead only give your wallet address to people you know and trust and only if they have to send you Bitcoins, as there is no other use for them having your Bitcoin wallet address.

Use Unique and Strong Passwords

This is probably one of the most important aspects of Bitcoin security and it cannot be stressed enough how important it is that you don't use simple passwords or passwords you use for sites for your Bitcoin wallet. The reason for this is that other sites might be hacked and steal your password, which they then might be able to use to steal your money from the Bitcoin wallet. Another reason is that hackers will always try the most simple and well known password phrases when they try to hack random accounts, leaving your Bitcoin wallet vulnerable for attacks and potential losses. We recommend that you use a unique password for your Bitcoin wallet, ideally created with a open source password generating software. This way you will eliminate the most basic hacking attempts on your wallet and avoid them with ease. 

Do a Backup of Your Wallet

It is not possible to do a backup of your internet Bitcoin wallet, but there are several trusted offline Bitcoin wallets that you can download and encrypt and do backups of. Encrypting and backing up your offline wallet ensures that nobody can access your account at any time and even if they do, you have a backup so that the Bitcoins can be backtransferred. You can even store your Bitcoins on a USB drive, so that only the person who has the physical USB key can access the wallet, eliminating basically all risks except if you should be so unlucky to lose the USB key.

Use Only Trusted Wallet Service Sites

With a industry that is growing as fast as the Bitcoin industry, there are tons of new sites popping up every day that wants to hold your Bitcoins for you. While most sites will be legitimate, there are sites created by criminals who are only waiting to steal your Bitcoins. Stick with the big and trusted Bitcoin wallet sites, such as the ones we recommend here on RakebackBitcoin to avoid losing your Bitcoins to a shady criminal gang. 

Keep Your Computers Antivirus and Key-logger Programs Up To Date

Once again, this advice may seem simple and something that everybody knows, but many Bitcoin holders do not keep their antivirus and key-logger programs up to date, leaving them vulnerable towards a Trojan attack or similar. Always keep everything up to date and install all the updates that the software developer puts on the market, to stay as secure to malware and viruses as possible.

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