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VietBet Sports is one of the largest Bitcoin bookmakers in the world, being part of the US-friendly 5Dimes group. 5Dimes started their services more than 20 years ago and has grown into one of the biggest players in the US. With VietBet they are moving into the Asian market, while still accepting players from all over the world.

VietBet offers everything you could possibly imagine placing a bet on. You can find all the biggest soccer leagues in the world, all the American sports as well as any other sport event from around the world. You'll find pre-game odds, live betting and special events with VietBet, everything available to bet on through Bitcoins.


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You'll find some of the best odds online when you bet with VietBet. The odds are adjusted for the American market, where they aim to be higher than the regulated US betting market, providing you with some of the best odds possible for Bitcoins. Whether you are betting on Soccer, NFL, MLB, College Football or Golf, you will always find competitive odds and high limits. Even the minimum betting amount is great for players, as it is a mere $0.50 – Much lower than many other places.


Coins accepted at Vietbet Sport

VietBet has chosen to only accept Bitcoins as a payment method for now. They might integrate further cryptocurrency coins in the future, but for now they have gone with the most solid and most well known cryptocurrency, the father of all cryptocurrencies, the Bitcoin.






Features and Extras at Vietbet Sports

VietBet Sports offers all the features one could need to place a serious amount of bets, with many different markets, different sports and special events available. Furthermore they have a 24/7 support available, if you should encounter any issues while trying to place a bet.


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