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RakebackBitcoin.com was founded in 2013 by Bitcoin enthusiasts, who wished to not only share their knowledge about Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies with the world, but also wanted to share some of the best gambling offers available. We have created a web portal focusing mainly on gambling offers, but with all the information and news that you need regarding Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies, allowing us to be your main page for everything regarding cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin.

We are aiming to provide you with all the information you will need to start your cryptocurrency and Bitcoin adventure, ensuring that you will know what to do and avoid potential scams from others. You will find information about everything from how to buy and sell Bitcoins and to how you use them with sites, pay with them or transfer them to other users. Furthermore you will be able to follow the latest Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news and see how the industry is doing and what new things that are happening.

RakebackBitcoin.com is made as a website for users and we are very interested in your opinion about Bitcoins and our articles. To prove that, we have integrated a rating system both for our articles and poker/casino deals so you can help other users see where they find the best information and the best place to gamble. Should you have suggestions about content that needs more information or should be edited, then we are always open to suggestions from everyone. We encourage every single one of our users to use the rating system, but we also encourage to do it wisely and respectfully so we avoid people giving bad ratings simply because they are a competitor or similar.

We hope you will enjoy your stay here on RakebackBitcoin.com, should you have any need to contact us for help or suggestions, please check out our Contact Us section and select the method that you prefer. 

- The RakebackBitcoin.com Team

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